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Hi welcome to Salvation. The DARK LORD has generously set up a special program for those who have strayed so far from the path, they are in danger of falling out of Creation. If you think that falling out of the HEAVEN is bad, I should warn you, falling out of HELL is even worse!

Just imagine, well actually you can’t because no one has ever returned. The DARK LORD never likes to see any waste, and so we now have the EXTRACTION FACILITY in place to ensure we fully recover the maximum amount of potential energy.

After they disintegrate a SOUL SEED, it is as if they had never even existed. However, from the perspective of the disintegrated, thousands of years pass by, and that is the horrible bit. I guarantee you don’t want to end up there.

That is why we have gone to such lengths to try and reach the LIZARD BRAINS. We are even extending our salvation program to defecting GREYS!

How do I know if I might be disintegrated?
"We have a very simple questionnaire. So simple that even the dumbest LIZARD BRIAN can’t mess it up. Do you think you need Salvation?"
Ok! I’ve done bad, and I’m here for my Salvation.
"Right you are! Now relax, you found us just in time. I just need a few Details."
Well that is definitely not me. I HATE those UNILLUMINATI-DRAKO-GREYS! And I love the DARK LORD!
"Okay, but if you find any of them out there, let them know that there IS a SALVATION PLAN for them..."

Just fill out the Questions below and I'll pass it over to the Add-ministration for review.

Do you need SALVATION?

    1: Have you ever joined a SECRET SOCIETY?

    If yes what was its name?

    Can you tell us the date of you initiation?

    2: Have you ever taken part in any MAGICAL RITUALS?

    If yes, can you explain the details of the ceremony?

    3: Have you ever consumed any MONO ATOMIC ELEMENTS?

    If yes, do you know if they were derived from GOLD?

    4: Have you ever seen or engaged with a DRAKO or GREY?