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Upload your video and make a difference today!Put Your Fu[kin Gun’s Down!

Its time to END WAR on Planet Earth, and YOU can help!

Vote for a peacful world by telling the warmongering Lizard Brains to “Put thier Fu[king Gun’s Down”. By this we mean cease, holding, using, and selling weapons of any kind, (Light Sabers excluded.)

View Submission Guidelines
View Submission Guidelines

Sumbission guidlines



Collect Resourses

Before you begin the Spell, it is important to gather the correct equipment and help. You will need:

A video recording device

Phone’s, video cameras, or even a webcam will do!

A Toy Gun.

If you can’t afford a gun, then make one.

Help from a friend (optional)

Then you can have more freedom to act in the (divine) play!

TIP: I made a gun out of a cirarette box and lollypop sick, when I was surrounded by a bunch of Grey’s. They didn’t last long…


Act the part

The video only needs to last a few seconds, and there is only one line to learn!…Rehearse if needed. Each video should follow this simple format:

Hold up the Gun

and point it at the recording device.

Say, “Put your fu[king Gun’s Down”

in whatever way you see fit.

Fire off a few rounds

to seal the magic spell.

TIP: Be as expressive as you can. This is your big moment to suck it to the man and appear in the show! Remember the Angels are listening….


Tell the World

We can accept video uploads from Youtube and Vimeo. Remember to add a personal message to be displayed along with your video.

Upload the video

to your prefered internet service.

Copy the ULR of the video

found on the page where the video appears

Paste the URL into the form below

Add your name and message, and press submit

TIP: When you press the SUBMIT VIDEO Button, please wait a few seconds whilst we varify your video post.

Ready to END WAR on Planet Earth?

Example Videos

Check out these fine example videos.

Obviously, artistic play is compleatly your prerogative.


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Its as EASY as PI

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