The Dark Lord Show
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The Palace of the Dark Lord

Welcome to my house from where I rule the ‘Kingdom of Tartarus’. Built with all the luxury and comfort necessary for the Modern Dictator.

Access to the Palace is reserved for ‘Members Only’

The Gateway

Leave a message with the door staff. I’m sure they will pass it on...

The Well of Divination

The Goddess of the Well is the Main Channel to the Higher Dimensions. Find out what she has learnt from her connection and what the future might hold...

The Crypt

Welcome to Deaths domain. Despite the rather terrifying appearance of his scythe, Death is actually quite a nice guy. He has meet with every soul you can imagine. Within the Crypt he has kept a good record of some of the Greatest. Are you courageous enough to find your way into his Good Books?

The Chapel

Sermons from the Dark Lord, full of fables and explanations from the Holy Books. Having been without a voice for the last eternity, finally, the Dark Lords gets to tell his side of the story.

The Auditorium

The centre for Demon Entertainment and News Broadcasts. Find out about the New Golden Age, and the Dark Lords PLAN for a New World Order. Occasionally we hold Games and Quiz Nights, so worth taking a look to see what’s on.

The Pit of the Doomed

Standing on the Edge of Oblivion the pit is a special place reserve for only the most degenerated forms of consciousness. Inside, time slows down to millions of years, providing a convenient slow burning of a souls energy, that is used to power Tartarus. With the coming of the Golden Age we are expecting a whole new wave fallen souls. Make sure your name is not on the list...

The Cavern

The best way to please a Dragon is to give it some Gold. The Great Dragon, Pyralon, is the chief treasurer for the Dark Lord. Only visit here if you have CASH to spend, for he doesn’t like to be woken up for no reason.

The Labyrinth

The Lab is the main centre for technological development in Tartarus. Built on the ruins of an ancient network of tunnels, that is believe to house some of the most fearsome beasts in the whole of creation...

The Moon

The governing body of Tartarus. The moon is the only known way out of the Dimension of Fire. But how does it work? Apparently the Dark Lord holds the key…