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Hello there! Welcome to Storage, sometimes known as Purgatory.
This where we house all of the fallen SOUL SEEDS. Just like any modern energy production facility, it is always useful to have a fuel reserve. Ha ha ha!
Within the WOMB are some of the most Evil and Distorted Consciousnesses you can imagine. All of the Greats from history, some of whom you probably know, and others, not so famous, but just as Evil.
Our Records go back from the last Kalpa of Time, right up to the Present Day. We keep a strict record of all the Entities we hold, which is Audited by DEATH himself, in the AKASHIC RECORDS OFFICE.
The SEEDS that are found here are still active, and are grouped together according to BLOODLINE, DNA, and KARMIC RETRIBUTION.
Within they still experience a reality commonly called HELL by the humans. Obviously HELL is a different thing to the HELL REALM where we exist. The REALM contains Various Dimensions, which can be experienced in both horrifying and surprisingly pleasant ways, depending on which side of the whip you are sitting.
In Purgatory the FALLEN sit on the side that hurts a bit, however, experience tells us, it is the fastest way to undo all that NEGATIVE KARMA. All necessary training for the higher dimensions. So whilst we Demons often get slandered as being purely evil, we actually perform a valuable service within the tableau for conscious evolution.
Its a tough job, but someone has to do it…
OK. Is there anything else I can help you today with, or do you have any questions?

I was looking for someone in HELL.
"Right! If you know the name and date of death, I can look them up. We also have this list of some of the most infamous…"
Can I ask a Question...
"Shoot, Kiddo.."
No, you explained it perfectly…
"Thanks, have a nice day…"