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Oh how fickle is the memory. Time passes and events fade into non-existence. That is why we created the Memorial Center. To capture the great achievements and store them in our Akashic Record.

Look into the POOL and you will find some of the Greatest minds in History. You can also add your own ‘ODE to the GREAT’ to our precious collection, if you think we have missed somebody.

I’d love to take a look.
"Wonderful, relax your mind as I stir the Waters of Eternity"
I’d Like to add an ‘Ode to the Great’
"Superb. You can compose it here…"

Take your pen and write your ODE to the GREAT.

We also like to have a few external references, so we can become more intimate with their work. You can also add a nice photo…

Can I look into the Pool, I just need to check something...
"Wonderful, relax your mind as I stir the Waters of Eternity"

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