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Welcome to the Pit! Do you have a new candidate for the Book of Oblivion? Scroll down to make sure we haven't already located them..
Thanks to the New Deal for the Golden Age, the Intergallactic Federation have supplied us with new technology to capture the souls of the fallen. Won't be needing my trident so much now...hahaha!
I love guns! With this one we just punch in the co-ordinate to lock onto the soul seed. Then we grab 'em, and put 'em in the cage. The more souls we claim, the more energy we will have to power the Golden Age of Tartarus.

Tony B=Liar

Tony Blair initiated the IRAQ WAR, killing millions of people. Including the launching of chemical weapons against innocent children. Currently, he has avoided conviction for his war crimes and instead was offered a Nobel Peace Prize. Other awards include the 2010 winner of US award the Liberty Medal for his “commitment to conflict resolution” He has amassed

George Bush Sr.

George Herbert Walker Bush born June 12, 1924, was the 41st President of the United States from 1989 to 1993. During this time he initiated the Gulf War. This was performed under the pretense that Saddam Hussein was ordering children to be murdered in their cots. After the war it turned out that the whole story had

George Bush Junior

Possibly the dumbest US President to have taken the throne. However, that does not mean he is any less evil. Bushes reign covered the infamous 911 attacks. By his own admission Bush claims to have witnessed the first plane go into the building before it had ever even aired on TV. Not being well recognized

Barack Obama

Things are gonna change, was the slogan used by Obama to win his election. Getting his DNA entangled with the DRAKOS was probably not what even he expected. After his final speech at the White House Correspondents Dinner in 2016, he openly turns into a LIZARD BRAIN whilst shouting ‘Obama Care, its really working’ into the

Hello there! We are currently seeking New Souls for the PIT. This is all preparatory stuff, as we get ready to enter into the GOLDEN AGE.

Of particular interest are the co-ordinates of the DRAKO-GREYS, who have consumed MONOATOMIC GOLD. These souls will be of special benefit to us, as they can burn for a far longer time than standard souls. We need to reach CRITICAL MASS to power Tartarus through the coming YUGA.

If you look through the into the PIT, you can see we have already begun to isolate several valuable SEEDS. If we reap enough now then we will be able to free more SOULS from the storage facility, come the arrival of the POLE SHIFT.

If you’ve looked into the PIT and think we are missing someone you can make a CLAIM.
Our LAW TEAM will make a due assessment based on the stipulated criteria for harvesting a soul.

What is the assessment criteria?
"Its based on the 7 Deadly Sins. I can give you more details if you like…"
I’d like to make a claim.
How wonderful! Fill out this claim form...
I’ll just go and look in the PIT and see if you’ve missed someone
Sure! Just scroll DOWN. And remember, the more we reap the better we sow...

In the HELL REALM the nature of sin is similar to the ANGELS but you might find we are far more lenient than in HEAVEN.

OK, I got the idea and I’d like to make a claim.
How wonderful! Fill out this claim form...
I’ll just go and look in the PIT and see if you’ve missed someone
Sure! Just scroll DOWN. And remember, the more we reap the better we sow...

7 Deadly Sins of HELL

  • Excessive Ego (PRIDE)

We see the ego as a good thing if used correctly. However, when it comes to harming others to put yourself in a better position, we draw the line. For all those who have initiated wars, or profited from corruption by stealing large sums of money then they will defiantly be punished for their crimes.

  • Destructive Envy

There is nothing wrong with trying to look good in our eyes, or valuing your own self worth, or looking at someone else and being inspired to want the same; that is all fine. However, taken to excess, the desire to control others, or destroy what they have because of jealousy, goes too far. For that we need to punish them.

  • Depraved Sexual Behavior

Lust is a fantastic trait in HELL. We love SEX, and who shouldn’t enjoy the carnal pleasures. However, when it comes to SEX without consent, or convincing the young to perform prior to their maturity, well, that is a big no, no.

  • Wrath that leads to pointless destruction

We even recognize the benefit of anger. When used correctly it can be a very quick way of getting the point to sink in. However, if anger is used to destroy other people, and cause hurt, then we have to say NO.

  • Expecting others to work for you and giving nothing (Sloth)

We love to relax in HELL, and pursue our fun and games, however, when there is work to be done we get on it. When you get someone on the team who always lets you down, can’t be bothered, and sponges of the work of others, then we have to bring them into line. Every Satanist knows that they stand on their own two feet, and take responsibility for themselves.