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Making a Claim is very easy and it helps us immensely to sort out the Wheat from the Chaff. We are particularly interested in SOUL SEEDS who have consumed MONOATOMIC GOLD, as their energy value is far greater..

If you know of anyone who has probably committed a deadly sin, and is R.I.P.E for the picking, then we want to know about them.

We want as much detail as possible, including any contact information. We don’t want to throw anyone in the pit without trying to offer them WARNING first. Still some folk pretend not to have ears that can hear.

To make a claim just fill out the CLAIM FORM below.

    Details of the Accused:

    Name of the Accused:

    Image of the Accused (jpg, bmp or gif) (Max 100MB):

    Do you know thier address or telephone? We'd love to contact them:

    Details of Allegations:

    Suspected Associations - E.G: Secret Societies, Corporates, Charities, NGOs:

    Evidence of Allegations - URL links