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Even as a defector you can still change up some MONEY for Karma Coins. We have SPECIAL RATES for the like of you...
So a Defector who is looking for Salvation. You had better make a Donation. And a big one too!
So! A defector. Looks like you have come to your senses, and just in time. Purchase your SALVATION TOKEN below the represents your CLASS, and receive your Karmic Retribution.


Having  ascertained your ‘CLASS’ click appropriate item below.

Remember to Bookmark this page so you can return on a regular basis to complete your PROGRAM

CLASS 3 £10,000 – £100,000 – MONTHLY PAYMENTS

★  For those close to  £100,000 you are category A – TOTAL COST = £12,000

★  For those close to £10,000 you are category B – TOTAL COST = £1200

CLASS 2 £100,000 – £1,000,000 – WEEKLY PAYMENTS

★  For those close to and BELOW £1,000,000 you are category A – TOTAL COST = £524,000

★  For those close to and ABOVE £100,000 you are category B – TOTAL COST = £52,400

CLASS 1 £1,000,000 + – DAILY PAYMENTS

★  For those FAR ABOVE £1,000,000 you are category A – TOTAL COST = £3,650,000

★  For those close to and  ABOVE £1,000,000 you are category B – TOTAL COST = £365,000


Welcome to the TARTARUS MONEY EXCHANGE FACILITY. So you are a defector! You can still buy KARMA COINS, to improve you chances of SALVATION, but at a higher rate. Once you have reached a certain level then we can offer you normal rate for LOYAL DEMONS.

Remember, we are watching you…

How much do you want to change today?

And where do you think you are going DEFECTOR?…

If you leave without showing your dollar then you fail in your SALVATION.

In that case I might as well burn you alive right NOW!


Errr.. yes sorry about that...
"I think I can smell the sweet scent of freshly roasted DEMON..."