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Ok. All done!

It normally takes less than a week to process, and then we will be back in touch to let you know your results and what you need to do next. In the mean time, try and relax and spend some time away from any Mobil Phone devices or similar GREY technology.

Leave the Add Ministration

Ok here are few simple question for you to answer. Don’t worry its all going to be OK…

    1: Have you ever joined a SECRET SOCIETY?

    If yes what was its name?

    Can you tell us the date of you initiation?

    2: Have you ever taken part in any MAGICAL RITUALS?

    If yes, can you explain the details of the ceremony?

    3: Have you ever consumed any MONO ATOMIC ELEMENTS?

    If yes, do you know if they were derived from GOLD?

    4: Have you ever seen or engaged with a DRAKO or GREY?