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The UNILLUMINATI have been busy contructing a survaliance netork on EARTH. By tapping into the signal we are able to get a very good idea of what it actully looks like on the surface.

We call this view 3D, but some also call it FLAT EARTH, as the horrison appears as a line seperating what is ‘ABOVE’, from what is ‘BELOW’.


Here we see the Dimension of EARTH, as it appears from space. We call this the ‘2D View’ as the circular image is outside the compleatly outside the ‘Sphere of Sensation’.

However, don’t get confused. 3D is not 2D. In the 2D world the observer never directly interacts with the objects of the 3D world.

Did you get that?

If not then maybe you need a few more Metaphysical Lessions from the Dark Lord…


Our New Technology allows us to view the HUMANITY from the 4th Dimension. We call this view the Torus, because…er… it is a torus!

We have filtered the scan  to be tuned to the SOUL SEEDS of human beings. Each ‘star’ represents one life, that renders a Field of Awareness  around it. The field is unified across the surface of the earth, along with all the other consciouness. That’s why reality as a Fractal Network.

The trick is chasing the lines of Karma back to the source. The heavy soul normally wieghs in the best results. However, when Beings eat MONOATOMIC ELEMENTS, it can mess up the Justice System. Then we have to go in ‘by hand’ to sort it out.

If you want to have a go then point somewhere on the scanner to see who you can find…



SOUL SEED LOCATED! Click to Activate

We can take measurements of the light volume of humanity. From this we can estimate the rewards the Harvest will bring. We are particularlly interested in the SOUL SEEDS that have consumed monoatomic elements. They will provide the most fruitful of pickings. As long as they failed the moral test set by the soul contract.

If you know of information that might help locate them, then report it to the pit.


Whilst the Evil Doers make up less than 1% of the Human population, overall they hold around 55% of the total 4D SPIN (Soul Energy). This is likely due to the fact that they have been consuming vast amounts of Mono Atomic Elements. In effect whilst most of the humans would, under NORMAL circumstances, be a target for us to reap, due to various intervension, and Intergllactic Contracts, the regulations for this Yuga have been adapted to suit the current sitution. Therefore, we can be assured of a very fruitful Harvest.

Statistical Annalysis

Total Number of Soul Seeds = 7,000,000,000 (Estimate)

Seed Numbers VS Energetic Spin

4D Spin in Light Volumes (LVs)


The Rightous

The Rightous

All Those Who Have Lead A Valiant Life, Standing Up For Truth And Justice.


The Meek

The Meek

All those who have tried to lead a life in accordance with moral law


The Ignorant

The Ignorant

All those who led self-center lives, ignoring truth and who have forsaken God


The EViL doers

The EViL doers

The Evil abominations who stand against God, the Dark Lord, and the whole of the Divine Order.


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