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Ah! A Visitor!

Welcome to the Extraction Facility. We are very proud to of this New Technology that is far safer and cleaner than anything developed by the DIVINE ORDER. All of this stuff is on loan from the Inter Galactic Federation.

We are working with them to Extract unwanted GREYS and DRAKOS who have entered into Tiomat II from an extra-terrestrial dimension. As they are not native to Tiomat they have no RIGHTS or DIVINE CONTRACTS associated with them. This means we are entitled to extract them from the ordinance. 5th Dimensional Entities are worth their weight in GOLD, if you know what I mean.

I bet you’d like to know everything about our new Extraction Process…

Yes, it sound fascinating...
"It is I can assure you. Come here and I’ll show you how it works..."
Not right now, I’m just looking around...
"Oh! Ok, come back any time for a chat…"

Welcome to the extraction facility.

You have arrived at just the right time. We have identified a GREY and are extracting any useful information that will be passed on to our NEW Technologies.

I have studied the GREY and I probably know more about them than anyone else in TARTARUS. So if you want to know anything about them, I’m probably the best person to Ask.

Who are the Greys?
"That is a very good question, that needs a good answer. You have time right now?"
Can I ask a Question?
"Sure! As long as its about the GREY, that my field of expertise.."
I don’t have any questions right now, Thanks.
"Nice to meet you, and see you again sometime..."