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Dark One

 The Dark One is the primordial, sentient, cosmic force of evil in the universe. He was imprisoned by the Creator at the beginning of time in a separate dimension outside of normal reality.
“Then asked I of the Nine: O Lord, show me the path. Give the path to the wisdom. Show me the way to the WORD.   Answered, me then, the LORD OF THE NINE: Through ORDER, ye shall find the way. Saw ye that the WORD came from Chaos? Saw ye not that LIGHT came from FIRE?” (Emerald Tablet IX).


His true name is ———– but speaking that name is believed by most people to bring misfortune on the speaker, so there are many alternative names for him:

  • Father of Lies
  • Sightblinder (used by the Aiel)
  • Lord of the Grave
  • Lord of the Twilight
  • Shepherd of the Night
  • Heartsbane
  • Soulsbane
  • Heartfang (used by the wolves)
  • Old Grim
  • Grassburner
  • Leafblighter (used by the Aiel)
  • Father of Storms (used by the Atha’an Miere)
  • Caisen Hob (“Old Hob”, used by the Seanchan)
  • Lighteater (used by the Seanchan)
  • The Lord of Nine
  • Jonny Darko

In addition, his own followers consider it blasphemy to speak his name directly, so they most commonly refer to him by more flattering epithets:

  • Great Lord of the Dark (or simply ‘the Great Lord’)
  • Lord of the Grave
  • Lord of the Evening – a name used in the Prophecies of the Shadow

The name Ba’alzamon (meaning “Heart of the Dark” in the Trolloc language) was used by Ishamael before his death; humans learned it and assumed that it was the Trolloc name for the Dark One, leading to the assumption for the duration of the first three books and for much of the world’s history that Ishamael was actually the Dark One himself – a falsehood which he did nothing to repudiate.


Seven Sons

1. Amon – “Forteller of the Future”
2. Thoth – “Healing and Medicine”
3. Nergal – “The ruler of the Underworld”
4. Set – “Represents Darkness”
5. Adapa
6. Ziusudura
7. Osiris

Ten Daughters

  1. Lamba,
  2. Vilamba,
  3. Kutadanti(Crooked Teeth),
  4. Pushpadanti(Flowery Teeth),
  5. Makutadanti(Black Teeth),
  6. Keshini(Much Hair),
  7. Achala(Insatiable),
  8. Maladhari(Necklace Bearer),
  9. Kunti,
  10. Sarvasattvojohari (Stealer of the Vital Spirit of All Living Beings)

A family of eighteen 10 + 7 + 1 + =18 = 6 + 6 + 6

Plus the one who is hidden and gives birth to these 18 + 1 = 19.


The Dark One is described as being powerful beyond measure; a universe-spanning force of evil that is both incomprehensible in its nature and infinite in its being. His presence is described as being beyond space, size, and time, and his essence is said to be utterly empty, yet infinite.

Time does not exist for the Dark One, as it exist for the mortal souls. For a soul that dies, The Dark One can retrieve that soul and place it into a new body.

Being consumed by Mashadar (Oblivion) will place a soul beyond his reach, as Mashadar is implied to have the ability to devour souls.

Verin Sedai has noted the Dark One is the “embodiment of paradox”. He seems to have a sense of humour.

The Dark One is capable of warping reality to certain degrees within the Pattern without being able to actually touch it. If one is actually within the Pit of Doom, one can hear the Dark One’s “voice”, as it were, as a telepathic projection of immense power.

The Dark One’s ability to manipulate the Pattern has grown. This has been the cause of numerous destructive, chaotic events that seem to occur at random over time.

The Dark One is the source of the True Power, which is analogous to the One Power. However, one can only draw on the True Power with the Dark One’s blessing. Ultimately the Dark One’s impacts on the humans free will.

His name is taken from the Hebrew word for the adversary, later translated to Satan, the Arabic word usually referring to “devil”.

Cosmological Function 

The purpose of the Creator in bringing the Dark One into being is an issue that is occasionally pondered by many. There is a widely perceived idea that the Dark One seems to serve no obviously functional purpose in the grand scheme of Creation. However, it is shown that the Creator made the Dark One specifically for the purpose of allowing his creation to have free will.

It is also commonly believed that the Dark One’s prison being breached by humanity is a cyclical, inevitable part of the Wheel of Time and the Pattern. Ishamael in particular, who was an extremely accomplished philosopher and theologian, believed that the Wheel of Time continually provided the Dark One with opportunities to be freed throughout history because of the Pattern’s requirement for balance.

After Rand sealed the Bore permanently, he came to realize that the havoc that the Dark One was able to wreak on the world was ultimately all facilitated, enabled, and carried out by human beings; that the Dark One was, ultimately, not the true enemy. in the sense that humanity’s collective suffering is always entirely due to the decisions of individual humans.

With regard to human behaviour, the Dark One ultimately had no more power inside the Pattern, than humanity allowed him to have. Despite his utterly malicious nature and his cosmic levels of power, he was not directly responsible causing any of the problems attributed to him; he could not destroy humanity without the cooperation of humanity itself.

Additionally, due to the negative elements of the world, the Pattern is required to balance itself.  The one who balances the order is the Dark Lord, for when the consciousness degenerates, someone has to do the dirty work of annihilating the erroneous breeds.

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