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Name of the Accused: George Bush Junior

Details of Accusations

Possibly the dumbest US President to have taken the throne. However, that does not mean he is any less evil. Bushes reign covered the infamous 911 attacks. By his own admission Bush claims to have witnessed the first plane go into the building before it had ever even aired on TV.

Not being well recognized as one who has a strong command of language, he still manages to convince the US public to support a war in Iraq, even though Bin Laden and 911 had nothing to do with that country. Unfortunately, most US citizens are so stupid they do not know the difference between Iraq and Afghanistan, or any other country in the middle east for that matter.

The death toll of the war so far has been estimated at possibly as high as 2.4 million people. With 40,000 casualties alone in the battle of Mosul.

His family has thier own camp, ‘the Hillbillies’, at the infamous Bohemian Grove, where the Jupitarians practice the pathetic magic rituals.



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