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Name of the Accused: Barack Obama

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Things are gonna change, was the slogan used by Obama to win his election. Getting his DNA entangled with the DRAKOS was probably not what even he expected. After his final speech at the White House Correspondents Dinner in 2016, he openly turns into a LIZARD BRAIN whilst shouting ‘Obama Care, its really working’ into the camera. Note that the Cremation of ‘CARE’ is the famous ritual exposed at Bohemian Grove.

The speech ends with a threat to the Intergalactic Federation when he drops the mic like a bomb. Basically the DRAKOS are not afraid of destroying the whole Earth, in order to try and escape Judgement.

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Instead of ending War, Barack Obama invades Libya, that results in the death of up to 25,000 people, and displaced nearly 1/2 a million. Since that time, Libya has been in a state of perpetual ‘Civil War’, a nice winner for the Military Industrial Complex.



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