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Hi! my name is Anubis.

I weigh the souls to find out which DIMENSION they are eligible for. Ever since the UNILLUMINATI-DRAKO-GREYS discovered the secrets of MONOATOMIC GOLD, my job has become really difficult.

However, thanks to the help of the INTER-GALACTIC FEDERATION, we now have access to new weighing technology. These new SCALES of JUSTICE can also detect the presence of any MONOATOMIC ELEMENTS in the system, and make adjustments accordingly. That way we can be sure that JUSTICE is always SERVED.

Do you want to have your SOUL WEIGHED. Just so I can test out the NEW TECH.

What do I have to do?
"Ah! its simple, Just answer a few questions whilst I weigh you and then get your results."
Sure! I’ve done nothing wrong.
"That’s what they all say, but hey, don’t worry its just a test…"
Maybe later, I still got some work to do…
"Yeah, I get ya. Need to build up some positive Karma, right…."

The process is very simple

Stand still and just answer these FIVE simple questions with a clear YES or NO.

And try not to LIE for your own sake…

Actually, I'm getting a bit freaked out by all these questions. I need to go..
"I get ya. Still got a few KARMIC ISSUES to sort out. No worries, you still have a little bit of TIME left..."

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Welcome to the Public Records office of Tartarus


Well, well, well…

A visitor… We don’t get many Demons who can actually read around here…

I take it you are interested in viewing the Akashic Records for some reason?

Yes! Sounds facinating...
"Well, come on in then!"
Sorry I think I took a wrong turn
"OK, Well, never mind. Do close the gate on the way out."