The Dark Lord Show

The Salvation Plan

AKA: The 4th Order of the Lord

Announcement from Archangel Metatron aka Enoch

So my friends, the time has finally arrived when the wheat will be sorted from the chaff. The results of this Harvest are looking most promising all fronts. Below is the brief summery of the RECONSTRUCTION PLAN and and overview of likely outcomes based on performance of each individual consciousness within the DIMENSIONAL MEDIUM into which they are rendered.


For the 99% we are all going up!

The Coming of the GOLDEN AGE

Defined by Dimensional Construct (SPACE)

The Re-ording of the Dimensional Construct

After weighing energetic frequency and in consideration of the facts, the CREATOR has declare the New Order of the Age through the restructuring of the multi-dimensional matrix in the Planet Earth (Tiomat ІІ.)

  • HELL


    For the 99% we are all going up, yes that even includes the Dark Lord. God has sent a personal messenger to convey a letter of forgiveness. Hell is on the up, which will leave a void in the lower time-space scale. This will be filled by a few special friends, who will provide the required energy for a new lower dimensional construct we call OBLIVION.



    The Elemental Kingdom will be relinquished to the Demonoids, who have shown allegiance to the Dark Lord. They will continue their consciousness evolutions in the sphere of SEX, LOVE, and PLAY, in accordance the the program for the GOLDEN AGE.



    The Earth will be returned to Water, providing the Elemental Dimension with a 3D space in which to continue their conscious evolution program. The Fairy Queen shall be returned to her throne, as the responsible one for the period of VENUS LOVE.




    The Heavens shall be exalted. The Dimensional portal into the TECHNOLOGICAL DIMENSION shall be opened for those who have completed the CONSCIOUSNESS EVOLUTIONARY PROGRAM of HEAVEN.




    The Portal through the Solar Logos will be open to those who complete the consciousness evolutionary scales up to the 6th Dimension of Consciousness. Only those who make agreements with the PLAN will deserve the 7th Dimension of Consciousness. They will be able to reclaim their TOTALITY, and exit through the Omega Portal, (Saturn). From here they may serve the Intergalactic Federation, or become initiated in the program of BEAT NOVA.


NOTE: These are only GUIDELINES for the coming Yuga. Nothing is Set in Stone…

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