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Point at the Screen to access your results


As you can see, you are suffering from excessive low energy levels.

Don't worry, We are finding this to be the NORM for Demons who have fallen into the EARTH REALM. The whole place is poisoned up there.

Examine different parts of the screen to get a break down of your problems and the computers suggestion to help improve things.

PROBLEM: Auratic Radiation Damage

SOLUTION: Green foods, Miso and Seaweed, Iodine (lugol's Solution)

PROBLEM: Blood Poisoning

SOLUTION: Turmeric with black pepper (Add to food or drink as a potion.) Organic (sunflower) oil mouthwash (OIL PULLING). Soft Iron supplements

PROBLEM: Parasite Infection

SOLUTION: Hydrogen Peroxide in small doses. Taken every day over a 2 week period

PROBLEM: Brain Imbalanced

SOLUTION: Listening to Binaural beats. Engaging in Art and Music Practice. Reduce pointless Computer Activity (Except for increasing learning.)

PROBLEM: Stiffness in Joints

SOLUTION: Physical activity, Walking, Physical Yoga, gym, (press ups and other simple exercises)

PROBLEM: High Toxicity

SOLUTION: Remove Heavy Metals (Mercury fillings), Cleanse using Zeolite.

PROBLEM: Low Energy Levels

SOLUTION: Pranic Breathing, Immersion in nature (Trees, Mountains = Satan's Church). Remove and turn off MOBILE PHONE DEVICES whenever possible.

PROBLEM: Corrupted Immune system code

SOLUTION: Transition Metal Supplements (Zinc, Copper, Iron, (Cobalt) found in Vitamin B12. Magnesium, (Take transdermally, either spray or bath.)

PROBLEM: Fungal infection (Potential risk of cancer)

SOLUTION: Alkalisation - Consumption of Potassium Bicarbonate (or Sodium Bicarbonate) - (use instead of soap too). Check pH-levels (urinate on pH strips in the morning and evening). Drink lots of PURE water, (NOT poisoned tap water.)


Due to the excessive destruction and poisoning  of the EARTH DIMENSION, the entities that occupy the REALM have been subjected to an intense level of toxicity.


Nuclear Radiation

      Atomic weapons, power plant and the corrupt medical industry, (Chemotherapy etc.), and pesticides sprayed on food and tobacco.

Heavy Metal Toxicity

     Mercury in fillings and vaccinations

Blood Poisoning

     Geo-engineering programs (Chemtrails), Air Polution


     Toxic food, high sugar levels, aspartic acid, artificially processed food

Auratic imbalance

     Electrosmog, mobile phone networks, WI-FI and HAARP

Mental imbalance

     Sociological programming (advertising TV), corrupt education systems.

As you can see, to put it in a nutshell…

Your FU[KED!

But don’t worry, this is in fact the NORM.  However, the DARK LORD has acquired new high level technologies that will sort you out once you get back down here. You can find out more about it in the NEW TECHNOLOGIES DEPARTMENT on the other side of the LAB, (2nd floor).

Demons who have helped in the CAUSE will receive PRIORITY TREATMENT, so even more reason to sign up for a JOB or get involved in the GAME of LIFE.

In the MEANTIME, try and get out and about and enjoy the remaining time on EARTH and follow the HEALTH PROCEDURES outlined by the COMPUTER.

Good Luck!