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Wecome to Medical. Center for Demonic Welfare.

We are currently testing our NEW Charkra Scanning technology. Have you had your energy levels tested recently?

Or are you unsure if you are possessed by a Demon. Maybe you are here for the psycho-metric evaluation?

I'd Like to have my Chakras tested.
"Wonderful! Nurse prepare the chamber for the next subject."
I'm here for the Psycho-metric test
"So, I guess you want to sign up for Elite membership. We can tell you if YOU are possessed by the right kind of Demon.
Thanks, but I'm good for now...
"OK, see you around."
OK! Now the Procedure is Very Simple. Take off all your clothes including watches and any metal jewelry, and lay down on the couch. Don't worry, we have hardly had any casualties since we began running these test..
The couch looks old, dirty, and full of bugs..